The GlobalSCAPE project is thrilled to announce the launch of a virtual (online) workshop series delivered by Springer Nature. The first workshop series is for researchers and academics interested in generating research impact through effective science communication tools and techniques. Each whole series includes three workshop topics delivered on separate days. You are strongly encouraged to attend the whole series of three workshops.

We are offering two strands of the workshop series to accommodate participation from all over the world: Strand 1 (Asia Time zone) is available to participants from Asia, India and Australia; Strand 2 (Europe Time zone) is available to participants from the Americas, Africa and Europe.


The following statements are meant to ensure you have adequate information about how your responses to this registration and feedback after training events will be used and what will happen to the data you provide:

  • Partners in the GlobalSCAPE project (including Springer Nature) may use my information to communicate with me about training, events or workshops.
  • My responses to this event registration and feedback survey will be confidentially stored and used for project purposes.
  • My identity will not be disclosed for commercial use by a third party or made public without my explicit consent.
  • My participation is voluntary, I can withdraw at any time and ask for any personally identifiable information to be deleted.
  • The information I provide about myself is confidential by default.
  • After anonymisation, the data I submit may be published as an open dataset.
Please indicate whether you understand and agree with the statements above, and consent to participate in this survey:
In addition, please indicate whether you opt-in to these unique considerations:
The GlobalSCAPE (global-scape.eu) project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006436

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Springer Nature Training (Workshop Series)

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